Clare Valley Sculpture Collection


The Taylor family are proud to showcase five local and international sculptures, sourced from various Sculptures By The Sea exhibitions. This year-round exhibition, located amongst the beautiful grounds of the winery in the picturesque Clare Valley wine region gives wine lovers, art enthusiasts and visitors to the region the chance to interact with the sculptures while being immersed in a quintessential Australian vineyard setting with a glass of award-winning wine in hand. Having been champions of the arts for more than two decades through partnerships with the likes of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Taylor family's new sculpture collection is a step towards their ambition to create an arts precinct at their winery in the Clare Valley.

Title: Oushi Zokei 2017

Artist Keizo Ushio

Keizo Ushio is one of Japan’s most highly regarded sculptors and is renowned internationally for his extraordinary granite sculptures. Ushio graduated from the Kyoto City of University of Arts in 1976 and, upon receiving First Prize at the Henry Moore Exhibition at the Hakone Open Air Museum in 1979, began developing his signature style of sculpting. His carving technique is influenced by the mathematics of the Moebius strip, typically known as a one-sided, one-edged surface, which is notoriously difficult to create with materials of great weight and density. It is the achievement of this elegant twisted loop using the unyielding medium of granite that makes Ushio’s work at once elegant and astonishing. The artist says of his work, “I want to tell a story of man’s wisdom, exceeding both space and time. My sculpture is the proof of my existence.”

Ushio has exhibited to international acclaim with his work represented in exhibitions, public locations and private collections in Japan, Spain, Iceland, Norway, Germany, Israel, India, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Ushio’s work has proved extremely popular with Australian collectors and the public alike since he began exhibiting in Australia at Sculpture by the Sea in 1999.

MATERIALS: Black and white granite, colcothar (a reddish brown iron oxide left as a residue when ferrous sulfate is highly heated and used formerly in polishing glass and as a pigment).

OVERVIEW: Each element, the plinth and the twisted form resting on top have been carved from a solid block of granite (white for plinth, black for the twisted form). A diamond cutter and diamond bit drill was used to carve the pieces.

Title: Horizon Figure 2009

Artist Greg Johns (South Australia)

Greg Johns has worked as a full-time sculptor for 38 years and has completed significant commissions throughout Australia, as well as in Singapore, Spain, New Zealand, Korea, England and Ireland. Since 1990 the main focus of his practise has been to develop an approach to making sculpture which is both conceptually and form-wise ‘Australian’ in feel. These forms arise from both a visual and a ‘beneath the surface’ or ‘felt’ reading of our extraordinary landscape. These forms draw conceptually on both older belief systems and contemporary developments in physics and philosophy, often suggesting that a bridge should exist between the old and the new. Local flavour is important to Greg’s work, yet his sculpture also connects to ‘big picture’, universal themes. Greg works consistently to make a contribution to the development of sculpture in Australia and internationally.

MATERIALS: Corten steel

OVERVIEW: “Horizon Figure” is from a series where the Australian landscape significantly impacts on both the form and conceptual qualities of the sculpture. The large Australian horizons, the ancient/eroded rounded rock shapes, and the openness of the interior, as well as the ochre colours of that landscape have all influenced this sculpture. The two “arms” reach towards the ground plane, suggesting a relationship with the earth is important. The small elements on the end of each arc signify the space where life springs from the land. The sculpture sits lightly on the earth on which it is placed, almost floating, further suggesting that humans should also do the same.

Title: Grounding 2021

Artist Hamish McMillan (South Australia)

As a self-described observer, South Australian artist Hamish McMillan searches for a question worth asking, before setting about creating a way to elicit a response or provoke thought, for people to reflect on how they see the world around them, to ask the viewer to consider, just where they fit.
McMillan’s background as a creative thinker and qualified building designer sees him strive to pull together works that engage directly with the viewer in tangible ways, to shine light on the human condition in a moment of time and place. Having studied formally across various mediums and disciplines, McMillan has exhibited regularly as part of Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe and in South Australian exhibitions such as Brighton Jetty Sculptures. With work also held in private collections, other public art commissions have included sculptural and large-scale mural pieces as part of local government initiatives to reimagine and reinvigorate public spaces.

MATERIALS: Salvaged hardwood timbers, painted ply, limestone and sandstone (built on site at Taylors winery).

OVERVIEW: In a reflection of the rolling lines of vineyard cross hatch and the enigmatic seams of rock that run like currents under the topsoil, erupting from time to time remind us of their presence, Grounding seeks to draw our attention to our place in this landscape. Pause for a moment and call upon your
senses to truly connect with this moment and where you sit in it.

Title: Nature's Balance 2007

Artist R.M. (Ron) Gomboc cit.WA (Western Australia)

Ron Gomboc, was born in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, now Slovenia. He emigrated with his parents in 1961 to Perth, Western Australia as a young boy. From 1971 to 1982 he studied painting, drawing, sculpture and graphics at the Claremont School of Art, at Midland Technical College and at the Perth Technical College. In 1980 he founded the Gomboc Gallery Sculpture Park in Middle Swan, a suburb of Perth, which over the years evolved into exhibiting international, national and local artists. It also serves as his gallery and exhibition space, as well as a studio For many years he taught workshops internationally and travelled regularly as he continued his study of sculpture, deepening his knowledge and skills.

In 1993 Gomboc was named Western Australian Citizen of the Year in the Art Culture and Entertainment category and was awarded a Centenary Medal in 2001 for services to art.

Included amongst his many commissions is a memorial sculpture for Heath Ledger (actor), installed at Point Heathcote in Applecross, and the design for the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards statuette. Ron Gomboc has taken part in many national and international solo and group exhibitions, including regularly at Sculpture by the Sea exhibitions since 1999, and his work is held in prominent national and international public and private collections.

MATERIALS: Marine grade aluminium

OVERVIEW: This is a piece from my ‘Together’ series and represents the together in balance that is necessary in relationships in our daily lives. In nature, balance is essential and is visible in everything if you look closely.

Title: Pot Will Fly (2011-12)

Artist Yoshio Nitta (Japan)

Prior to graduating with a MA (Sculpture) from the Kyoto City University of Art, Nitta studied Japanese painting under his mentor, the Japanese painter Shingo Hoshino. The artist’s work appears in prestigious private collections in Australia, Denmark, Japan, Korea and New Zealand, and in public collections in Australia and internationally. Since 2004 Nitta has regularly exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe and was invited to show at Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhaus in 2009. Nitta has continued to teach Fine Art, Sculpture and Design at tertiary institutions including Kyoto University of Art and Design, Osaka, Seikei University Faculty of Art & Design, and Osaka Sangyo University.

MATERIALS: Copper, resin with fibreglass, stainless steel

OVERVIEW: When I first visited Australia, I was overwhelmed by the magnificent and beautiful nature that is different from Japan. And the smiles of the laid-back people are very impressive. These things were connected in me. For me, a "pot" is something that stores something important. In my "pot" series, I carefully preserved the beautiful sky and scenery, and cherished the water surface where the smiles of the people who look into it are reflected. So that you can always remember. I wanted to show it to many people. It needed wings to reach those in need. May more smiles be reflected there.