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Cooking at Home with the Taylor Family

The third generation of the Taylor family, Mitchell, Justin and Clinton have shared with us their favourite family recipe and special moments captured around feasting at home.

The Joys of Aged Riesling

Have you overheard people discussing aged Riesling aromas in terms of petrol or kerosene? Have you ever wondered what that is about? Well lets unpack this more...

How to Create the Ultimate Grazing Board

Spring and Summer season is all about instagrammable grazing boards so here are our top tips on styling the ultimate grazing board paired with a few of our favourite wines.

The Green beyond Red & White: Our Commitment to Sustainability

We've become the first independent Australian winery to sign up to the Science Based Targets initiative. Meet our eco warriors who are passionate about our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Halliday Ratings for 2021 Wine Companion

James Halliday released the 2021 Wine Companion this week and we are excited to share the latest...

Raise a Glass to Sparkling Wines

Prosecco is known and loved around the world for being a delicious bubbly, easy-drinking wine that is welcome at any occasion.

Meet the Taylor Family

When you come across a family that’s as passionate as we are about creating excellent wine, you might ask ‘what originally ignited that fire in the first place? And who exactly are these Taylors down there in the Clare Valley?’

The St. Andrews Story

Our signature range, St. Andrews, wines embody our philosophy: understand the past, know the place...

French vs American Oak - What's the Difference

Both American oak and French oak are species of white oak. While there are many different types of white oak, three species are most used for the production of barrels used in winemaking (this craft is known as cooperage). These are Quercus Alba, Quercus Petraea and Quercus Robur.

8 Ways To Make This Father's Day Special

Father’s Day comes around just once a year and is a special day to thank and appreciate the father figure in our life. Here are 8 awesome ways to celebrate Father’s Day a little differently this year.

Feasting at Home: Wholesome Soup Recipes

Will Stewart has taken inspiration from around the world to not only pair his recipes with wine but to use the wine as part of the recipes. Wine adds a depth of flavour that allows the humblest of recipes to be elevated to something luxurious.

Masterstroke: Regional Discovery and Winemaking Artistry

Our newest range Masterstroke demonstrates our passion for regional discovery and winemaking artistry. The first three releases Masterstroke Cabernet Shiraz, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon all reflect their unique South Australian regions providing the finest wine and blends.

Vegan Friendly Wines | Taylors Wines

Many people believe that all wine is vegan friendly I mean, it’s made from grapes, right? Not always! Discover in this post how to identify wine that’s vegan friendly.

Vintage From Heaven - Unveiling 2014 Exceptional Parcel Releases

We're proud to announce the official 2014 vintage releases of its pinnacle Clare Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz wines - The Visionary 2014 and The Pioneer 2014.

Aerating vs Decanting Wine - What's The Difference

We often get asked about whether decanting or aerating a wine is actually necessary. So in this post, we’d like to share some information on these very beneficial pieces of...

Hard Work and Inspiration Rewarded with Success on World Stage

We're excited to share a little about some of the awards our latest vintage releases have received from both domestic and international wine competitions.

A Guide to Australian Cabernet Sauvignon, the ‘King of Grapes’

Boasting lots of tannin, great acidity and rich aromas; Cabernet Sauvignon is a true Australian classic.

Celebrating 50 Years of Taylors Wines

2019 is a special year for Taylors Wines, officially marking our 50th anniversary.

Marvellous Malbec

Discover the delights of marvellous Malbec and celebrate World Malbec Day with us.

Awarded 'Best Cabernet' at the World's Largest Wine Show

Our Jaraman Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 has collected the trophy for ‘Best Cabernet’ at the The AWC Vienna International Wine Challenge in Austria.

Cellar Door At Sea

Taylors Wines launched the world-first floating Cellar Door in Sydney Harbour.

Springtime in the Vineyard

The arrival of Spring at the winery coincides with the grape vine cycle known as 'Budburst' and grape growers nervously monitor weather conditions.

A Guide to Wine-ing with the Wallabies

How do I get the fizz in my sparkling? Are there really cherries in my wine? How does food pairing work? Taylors presents some simple tips with the help of the Wallabies to guide...

Worlds Apart: The “Old World” vs. “New World” Approach to Winemaking

In the world of winemaking, no two wines are created the same but did you know they are created in different worlds

Australia Takes the Crown For World's Best Cabernet

The Visionary 2014 has recently been crowned the title of World's Best Cabernet 2018 at the Concours International des Cabernets held in France.

How to Match Wines with Chinese Food

Pairing wines with Chinese cuisine can be tricky to master. Here are our tips for combining the two in a better manner.


In a world-first wine and temperature pop-up experience, Taylors Wines teamed up with Duncan Welgemoed, head chef of acclaimed Adelaide restaurant Africola, to create Celsius.

How to Serve Your Wine in Summer the Right Way

In a recent study conducted by Sydney Wine Academy in conjunction with Taylors Wines, a panel of everyday Australian palates have debunked the age-old wine myth of whether red...

A Guide to Tempranillo - Australia's Rising Red Wine Star

What are the 100 most drinkable South Australian wines are? Taylors Estate 2017 Tempranillo has taken out 2nd spot in the Hot 100 wines of 2017/18 by The Adelaide Review.

10 Things that will Ruin your Wine | Taylors Wines

Occasionally you will get a bottle of wine that is flawed. There are a few reasons why this might happen, but usually it is not the fault of anyone in particular. However, there are some ways you can accidentally ruin your wine.