8 Ways To Make This Father's Day Special 

Anyone can become a father but it takes a special person to become a dad. Father’s Day comes around just once a year and is a special day to thank and appreciate the father figure in our life. Where would we be without the silly dad jokes, our teacher of life's lessons, our biggest fan to cheer us on, believe in us and celebrate every little and big milestone in life. 

Here are 8 awesome ways to celebrate Father’s Day a little differently this year: 

1. Breakfast in bed with Mimosas

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to warm pancakes or French Toast covered in maple syrup and fresh fruit with a cheeky mimosa on the side? This is a great way to start Father’s Day “right”. Take a moment to sit, eat, give gifts and have a laugh.

Check out our French Toast recipe for the ultimate treat and top up your orange juice with Taylors Estate Sparkling.

2. Go on a hike or bike ride

Dust off the bike or hiking boots and plan an adventure for the day. Explore places you haven’t been to whether in the local national park, along the river or a track you don’t normally take. Enjoy the scenery and breathe in the fresh air of the outdoors.

3. Take a virtual cooking class

If your dad is a foodie this is the perfect activity to do with the family. Many restaurants are hosting online cooking classes teaching you the best tips and tricks to creating that perfect dish. Whether it's making pasta from scratch or cooking Asian street-food noodles alongside incredible well-known chefs.

4. Outdoor or even an indoor picnic

Make today special with an organised picnic full of cheese, biscuits, chocolate, jerky, beers and bubbles. No matter the weather conditions, pull out the picnic rugs, cheese board with dad's favourites and pop open some drinks. A picnic is always possible whether it is set up inside or outside. It is a great idea to wind down and relax.

5. Create your own food & wine pairing experience

Perhaps discover a food & wine pairing experience online or create your own experience. There are two popular ways of doing this, a wine paddle paired with nibbles or hosting a degustation dinner. When matching food and wine, don’t get too concerned.  It’s pretty hard to mess it up. Some good things to consider are the flavour intensity and types of flavours of both the food and the wine and how they might compliment or contrast one another.

We have a range of recipes with the perfect wine match and some tips for pairing food and wine.

6. Paint and sip

All you need is a blank canvas, brushes, paints and a glass of wine. It is time to unleash your creative juices and see what you can create.  Each member of the family can have their own canvas or maybe even create a joint painting that will be a wonderful reminder of the day. This is a simple, fun activity which will bring lots of laughs and entertainment.

7. Host a lawn games tournament

Fire up your dad’s competitive spirit by setting up a lawn game such as Croquet, ring toss, Jenga, Finska or Boules. These are great games to play in either teams or individually and easy to learn. Buy a set today and enjoy a game outside with your dad. 

8. Raid Dad's wine cellar

I bet it is time to taste and experience those red wines you have been cellaring for years. Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to indulge in those excellent fine wines he’s been nurturing in the cellar. Get your Dad to share the story of how the wine came to be in his collection. You could even ask Dad to host a wine tasting which is a great way for everyone to share the experience of tasting these mature beauties. Some great tasting themes are horizontal by variety, (the same vintage across many different varieties) or a vertical selection (consecutive vintages of the same wine). You could even do a blind tasting where you try to guess the wine (with some clues of course!). Click here for a guide to hosting your own tasting and find out more about cellaring wine.