Award Wins for our Latest Vintage Releases

Hard Work and Inspiration Rewarded with Success on the World Stage

We take a lot of simple joy from the art of winemaking. To receive recognition for the hard work that we put into each bottle and every vintage is also incredibly rewarding for us. So in today’s post, we’re excited to share a little about some of the awards our latest vintage releases have received. From both domestic and international wine competitions, these medals and commendations represent months, days and hours of hard work, innovation and dedication to our craft.

Taking it to the world

Since we first began our journey back in 1969, showcasing our wines on the world stage has always been our dream.  Whilst in these recent, unprecedented times, our connection to the global village is now only virtual, our Australian wines have represented our family wine business in competitions across Europe, the UK, the USA, China, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, Canada and Japan – to name just a few! And at home in Australia, we take seriously the feedback from local competitions, where our wines are judged against those from a suite of other Australian winemaking talent.

The Heavy Hitters

The St. Andrews and Jaraman ranges are considered the heavy hitters of our wine collection when it comes to the show circuit and the crop of current release wines are no exception.  Taking out the honour of most awarded is the St. Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 which has collected 30 gold medals.  Following closely behind is the St. Andrews Shiraz 2017 which has a haul of 25 gold medals.  The Jaraman Shiraz 2018 has collected a whopping 17 gold medals and the Jaraman Cabernet Sauvignon 2017, which has just started out on the circuit, has already picked up 8 gold medals.  The whites from these ranges are no slouches either.  The St. Andrews Chardonnay 2017 has claimed 17 gold medals whilst both the St. Andrews Riesling 2018 and the Jaraman Chardonnay 2018 have both been awarded 5 gold medals.

There are so many award-winning stars across the length and breadth of our wine collection. Too many to name individually but you can rest assured, that across the difference ranges, wine styles and price points we offer, there will be a wine with award winning credentials that suits your individual taste.