Halliday Ratings for 2021 Wine Companion

When it comes to the individual wine scores | our top rated wines were The Visionary 2015 (94 points) – this wine is due to be released later in 2020 | St Andrews Chardonnay 2018 (93 points) | St Andrews Cabernet 2017 (93 points) | The Pioneer 2015 (93 points) | and&nbspJaraman Shiraz 2018&nbsp(93 points)

We also received some special value awards for&nbspEstate Riesling 2019&nbsp(91 points) |&nbspEstate Sauvignon Blanc 2019&nbsp(91 points) |&nbspEstate Shiraz 2018&nbsp(90 points) and&nbspEstate Pinot Gris 2019&nbsp(90 points).&nbspThe great news is that&nbspwhile some of the luxury wine vintages won’t be released until later in 2020 | the current releases are all award winners in their own right.&nbspAnd all of the special value award wines are currently available for sale on our online Wine Shop right now!

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