Wine Collection

The Legacy

For three generations our family have crafted great Australian wines in the Clare Valley, South Australia.

The Pioneer

Our pinnacle Shiraz is named to celebrate the pioneering spirit of Bill Taylor who had the conviction to do things differently and who demonstrated the fortitude to stay on a path to greatness.

The Visionary

Our pinnacle Cabernet Sauvignon is named in honour of Bill Taylor Senior, Taylors founder and visionary, whose ambition to craft wines that stand tall amongst the world's best continues to guide us today.

St. Andrews

Named after the historic property first established in 1892. A true reflection of the terroir, St. Andrews wines exemplify the very best of handcrafted Clare Valley winemaking.


Every wine we craft is born of a masterstroke: a decision that changed the course of Australian winemaking. Paying tribute to that masterstroke, we demonstrate our passion for regional discovery and winemaking artistry.


Australia's iconic wine regions provide great diversity. With the Jaraman range we search for parcels of extraordinary fruit to craft wines that showcase their distinctive regional characteristics and style.

Taylor Made

The Taylor Made wines are made with mastery. From respecting the fruit to protect its delicate flavours, to the care and commitment of the quality techniques. Each wine is highly crafted and easily enjoyed.


These small batch wines are the result of our winemaker's dedicated research and development where the ultimate aim is to make each and every wine we craft better than the ones before. It's our 'path to perfection'.

Taylors Estate

With the first planting of our vineyards in 1969, we set out on a journey to create authentic estate grown wines. Nothing prepared us for its overwhelming success, with the first vintage awarded a gold medal in every national wine show entered. While the range has since grown to include more varieties, every bottle is still crafted at our Clare Valley estate with the same care and attention as that very first vintage.

Promised Land

Something special happened the day we dug our first vineyard dam. Tiny fossilised seahorses were unearthed, a discovery that showed the promise of the land and its fertile soils. Today, these seahorses are proudly featured on our Promised Land labels as a symbol of sustainability.

The Hotelier

Originally a hotelier, Bill Taylor embarked on a journey to source great wines for his guests. This eventually lead to the Taylor family establishing the renowned Clare Valley winery in 1969, with a vision to craft wines that would rival the world's best.

Limited Release

Every now and then we craft special wines exclusively for our retail partners in Australia and around the world.