Our Top Recycling Tips For Eco-conscious Wine Lovers

Loving wine is easy. Creating an eco-conscious process for wine enjoyment takes a little bit of extra work. We’re here to make your life a little bit easier when it comes to making those choices. The introduction of our new Eco Bottle is shaking up the traditional glass bottle category, giving you an environmentally friendly vessel that’s made from entirely recycled PET plastic.

For the every day wine drinker, there are a few things you can do to improve your direct impact on the overall sustainability of your wine enjoyment. These things are all simple enough and don’t require a significant investment of time or money.

Eco Bottle Recycling
The new One Small Step Eco Bottle, made entirely from recycled materials, can be recycled again, giving life to new products. They also make for great storage bottles for camping supplies such as olive oil. The thin and practical design of the bottle makes it an adventurer's best friend.
It’s recommended that you recycle the bottle and cap separately, so simply remove the cap and pop both into your recycling bin at home - easy as that! 

Eco Bottle Ingenuity
Turning your empty bottles of Eco Bottle wine into useful and decorative items around the house is a fun way to extend the lifecycle of your bottles. Some of the ways we love to see people repurposing these bottles include:

  • Turning them into wind chimes. You can take multiple bottles from the ranges and turn them into colourful and interesting windchimes. Simply remove the bottom of each bottle and let them create fun sounds as they connect in the wind.
  • Create a succulent or cactus garden. Cut open the flat side of a bottle and fill it with soil, plant some cute little succulents in it, and water. Watch as the root systems spread along the clear plastic side of the bottle pot you’ve created, bringing a whole new visual treat to your room.
  • Thanks to their unique flat shape, the empty Eco Bottles are the perfect paddles for a game of beach tennis! All you need is a rubber ball or tennis ball, and you’ve got some fun in the sun while you sip on your favourite variety.  

Glass Recycling

Glass is an infinitely recyclable material if you remove any impurities. When it comes to that last drop from your bottle, simply give the bottle a rinse, remove any labels, and then place it into your recycling bin. 

Glass Bottle Ingenuity

Glass bottles are great for just about everything when it comes to repurposing them. Some of our ideas include:

  • Using them for kitchen storage for your oils, salts, and cleaning products. Take them with you to grocery stores that offer refills and you’ll never bring another single-use bottle into your house again.
  • If you’ve got the tools to do so, you can turn them into candle holders. Simply cut about halfway down the bottle and then fill it with candle wax and a wick. DIY is the way to go!
  • Use them as a vase for all of the roses you’re no doubt receiving. Simply fill it with a bit of water and let the stem sit inside the bottle. This should keep your flowers looking fresher for longer.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your wine bottles continue to be useful without simply sending them to landfills. It’s important to make conscious choices toward reducing our impact on the world around us on a daily basis and Taylors is proud to be pushing forward with reducing our own environmental footprint. To read about some of our own sustainability initiatives at the winery, visit the Taylors Wines Sustainability page here.