Our Top 10 Eco-Friendly Camping Tips: Hand Guide To Camping With Wine

From reusable Keep Cups to recyclable wine bottles, we've got ten eco-friendly tips to ensure your next camping adventure is both enjoyable and environmentally conscious. 

There are few things more enjoyable than savouring wine by a campfire after a long day exploring the bush. Whether you’re into a heavy red, a lightly oaked white, or looking for bright, light florals, we want to make sure you’re enjoying your wine experience in the great outdoors in the most sustainably conscious way possible.

With the natural world around us being constantly under threat, we wanted to highlight the best ways to leave as little a footprint as possible on the pristine environment that you’re camping in. From simple hacks that make complete sense, to the smaller details you might not have considered, we’re here to make your camping and wine time a more conscious and sustainable adventure for everyone.

  1. Bring your favourite metal Keep Cup
    Stainless steel Keep Cups are a fantastic way to enjoy your wine without the risk of glass breakage or the need for single-use vessels. The smooth nature of stainless steel will prevent it from tainting the wine and changing its intended composition. It’s also a super easy way to keep your white wines and rosé at the optimum drinking temperature for longer!

    We’d recommend a few of our favourite Keep Cups such as 
    Frank GreenLet’s Go NaturalCheekiEco-CocoonSTTOKEEco Vessel, or Klean Kanteen. This simple task will help to reduce your overall need for plastics whilst also giving an authentic, outdoor feeling to your camping journey.

  2. Choose your favourite One Small Step Eco Bottles and flat pack them for your journey outdoors
    Made from entirely recycled, Australian-sourced PET, the Eco Bottle stands out as a lightweight and compact solution to preserve the freshness and delicious taste of your wine during your travels. Its unique flat shape makes it an ideal fit for slotting into camping packs and eskys - thoughtfully designed for the needs of the modern camper.

    Lugging around a heavier glass bottle isn’t always practical. With this innovative design, you can carry two bottles for the weight of one! There are also plenty of varietals to choose from, ensuring there’s a wine option to complement every flavour preference and fire-side meal.

  3. Pair your wines to some delicious meals from Gourmet De Paris
    These ready made and ultra-luxe French meals will complement your wines, and better yet, you can recycle your empty tins, keeping the materials from ending up in landfill. Just because you’re getting deep into the camping experience, it doesn’t mean you have to go without a bit of gourmet living. These amazing tinned meals go perfectly with the sights of the Australian outback, as well as the range of Eco Bottle wines on offer - delighting the tastebuds and reducing waste at the same time.

  4. Paper wrap your fruit and vegetables and use the leftover paper as kindle
    Fruit is a delicious snack to enjoy during downtime at the campsite, and is a fabulous pairing to the Eco Bottle Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé on offer. Take any baking paper from your local supermarket and wrap all of your fruit tightly before packing it in your esky. This simple tip will keep your fruit fresh and delicious during your short camping trips. Consider figs, berries, and anything else that could pair nicely with your gourmet escape and complement your favourite wine.

  5. Bring your reusable water bottle along for the journey and equip it with a water filter so you can drink from the local water supply
    Traditionally people would bring plastic bottles of water along to their camping trips. Not only is this excess space being taken up in your pack, but it’s also an extra touch point to create waste. Our favourite bottles include CamelBakMacPacKlean Kanteen, and YETI.  

  6. Only use natural soaps if you’re planning on bathing in local rivers or ponds
    Natural soaps won’t impact the quality of the water or poison the local flora and fauna. Whilst it’s important to feel clean whilst on your camping journey, at the end of the day, it’s equally important that your hygiene doesn’t come at the cost of the local environment you’re visiting.

  7. Use heavily shaded spots under rocks or dig a small hole to cool your wines after a long day of hiking
    This will allow them to be at their best temperature for enjoyment. These places can act as a natural esky, keeping your wines nice and cool for later enjoyment. 

  8. Take your Eco Bottle with you and recycle it - again
    As the Eco Bottle is made from PET, it’s 100% recyclable - so be sure to pack this away with your other recyclable materials to drop off at a recycling facility or in your home recycling bin. This mindful practice minimises the likelihood of it ending up in landfill.

    Most plastic materials can be recycled safely up to three times, so make sure you give any of your plastic recycling a good rinse and remove any labelling to avoid contaminants within the recycling process.

  9. Make sure your campfire is contained and put it out completely before you leave the site
    This one goes in as a no-brainer for your camping journey, but keep the fire to a sensible level and ensure that you’re not creating a fire risk. The s’mores aren’t worth creating a genuine hazard over. 

  10. Most importantly - leave no trace
    The only way to ensure parts of the world remain pristine is to leave them as you found them. This means no rubbish left behind, no food scraps, and most importantly no plastics. 

We hope these simple tips will assist you in being responsible when enjoying a well-deserved glass of wine in the great outdoors. 

Australian Camping Spots Recommendations

For some great camping spots around Australia, we’d recommend exploring the Blue Mountains in New South Wales for the stunning canyons, lush greenery, an exciting variety of plants and views that overlook the various rises and falls of the exciting landscape there. The cold climate can be perfect for either a white or red wine, depending on what tickles your fancy and what time of year you’re exploring.

The Northern Territory is home to some of the most interesting walks in our country, offering an interesting insight into the diversity of our great country. From arid deserts to oases overflowing with life, this region showcases the richness of Australian landscapes. We would, however, recommend taking a guide for these walks. There are crocodiles and snakes abundantly exploring the same tracks you are, so knowing where to go and how to mitigate danger is best left to the locals. Perhaps pack a cooler bag and some Chardonnay to take along for the hike, it’ll make getting to the campground all the sweeter.

The Daintree forest of Far North Queensland is one of the most vibrant rainforests in the world, renowned for its exotic beauty, unique fauna, and expansive depths. With only one campground, it becomes an ideal spot to crack open a few bottles of wine and share stories with other campers on a similar journey.

In Victoria you can visit the Great Otway National Park. Situated just south west of Melbourne, you’ll be immersed in the local environment and treated to swathes of mountain ash plains. There are many trails to explore, connecting to the Great Ocean Road or delivering you to incredible surf breaks along the coast line. The journey is yours to walk. Given the colder climate we’d recommend taking a shiraz or two along, perfect for warming the soul after a hard day of chilling winds.