Hard Work and Inspiration Rewarded with Success on World Stage

St. Andrews Cabernet Sauvignon 2016&nbspwhich has collected 30 gold medals.&nbspFollowing closely behind is the&nbspSt. Andrews Shiraz 2017&nbspwhich has a haul of 25 gold medals.&nbspThe Jaraman Shiraz 2018 has collected a whopping 17 gold medals and the&nbspJaraman Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 | which has just started out on the circuit | has already picked up 8 gold medals.&nbspThe whites from these ranges are no slouches either.&nbspThe&nbspSt. Andrews Chardonnay 2017&nbsphas claimed 17 gold medals whilst both the&nbspSt. Andrews Riesling 2018&nbspand the&nbspJaraman Chardonnay 2018&nbsphave both been awarded 5 gold medals.

There are so many award-winning stars across the length and breadth of our wine collection. Too many to name individually but you can rest assured | that across the difference ranges | wine styles and price points we offer | there will be a wine with award winning credentials that suits your individual taste.