Pairing Chocolate and Wine Like a Pro

Wine and chocolate are not always easy to pair but when you get it right it can be a match made in heaven. That's why we've pulled together the perfect pairing guide to help you elevate your next tasting experience. So grab your glass and pour your way into this delicious world!


Pinot Noir Rosé with White Chocolate

The harmony between Pinot Noir Rosé and white chocolate lies in their complementary nature. This wine's medium body brings out the fresh and delicate flavours of strawberry and raspberry fruit with hints of mineral talc. When paired with white chocolate, the delicate floral and red berry notes of the wine are elevated with the creamy sweetness of the white chocolate.  The creamy texture of the chocolate provides a perfect foil to the wine's medium body, enhancing its smoothness and depth.

Taylors Estate Pinot Gris with Caramel or Milk Chocolate

This wine has an elegant palate with characters of pear, apple, citrus and subtle spice. The crisp acidity and subtle fruitiness of Pinot Gris complement the rich creaminess of milk chocolate, while its gentle sweetness balances the decadent sweetness of caramel.

The wine's notes of pear, apple, and citrus add a refreshing contrast to the luscious sweetness of the chocolate. The medium-bodied nature of Pinot Gris provides a satisfying mouthfeel that enhances the overall tasting experience without overpowering the delicate nuances of the chocolate.

Taylors Estate Merlot Paired with Toffee or Fruit & Nut Milk Chocolate

This wine is known for its luscious profile of ripe berries, fruitcake nuances, and soft velvety tannins. The wine's complexity is further enriched by hints of dark chocolate, coffee beans, and vanilla derived from French and American oak aging, making it an ideal partner for a sweet and nutty companion.

Pairing this wine with toffee creates a seamless blend, as the wine's caramelised richness harmonizes with the caramel notes of the toffee. Similarly, fruit and nut milk chocolate offers a delightful contrast in textures and flavours, with the crunch of nuts complementing the wine's intricate flavour profile. As the chocolate melts, its fruity, spicy, and toffee nuances enhance the wine's characteristics, resulting in a satisfying and indulgent pairing.

Taylors Estate Shiraz or Masterstroke Shiraz with Orange Milk Chocolate

This Shiraz is soft and "fleshy" delivering lively notes of juicy red berry fruits, plums, and spices, with subtle undertones of chocolate and savoury notes developed through oak aging. Pairing it with orange-flavoured milk chocolate creates a delightful contrast that enhances both the wine and the chocolate.

The wine's soft and "fleshy" characteristics provide a perfect canvas for the bright and tangy notes of the orange chocolate. As you sip the wine, the juicy red berry fruits and plum flavours complement the citrusy sweetness of the chocolate, creating a vibrant combination on the palate. The subtle chocolate and savoury elements in the wine are further complemented by the creamy texture and subtle orange zest of the chocolate.

Taylors Jaraman Shiraz or Masterstroke Cabernet Shiraz with Coffee Milk Chocolate

A rich, full-bodied wine, this shiraz has intense flavours of ripe red berry fruit, violets and attractive oak characters of roasted coffee beans and dark chocolate.

The wine's robust and full-bodied profile provides a strong foundation for the rich and complex flavours of the coffee milk chocolate. As you indulge in both, the ripe red berry fruit flavours of the Shiraz harmonise with the coffee notes of the chocolate, creating a deliciously satisfying experience on the palate. Meanwhile, the oak-derived nuances of roasted coffee beans and dark chocolate in the wine complement the coffee flavours of the chocolate, enhancing its depth and richness.

Taylors Jaraman Cabernet Sauvignon or Masterstroke Cabernet Sauvignon with Mint Dark Chocolate

This velvety Cabernet has aromas of dark cherry and mint, complemented by intense flavours of cassis and blackberry fruit, alongside appealing oak characteristics of cigar box and tobacco leaf.

As you enjoy both, the dark cherry and mint aromas of the Cabernet Sauvignon blend seamlessly with the mint flavours of the chocolate, creating a delightful interplay on the palate. The rich dark fruit flavours of cassis and blackberry in the wine complement the chocolate's depth, while the oak-derived notes of cigar box and tobacco leaf provide a nuanced backdrop that further enhances the pairing.