The Wine List & The Sommelier: 10 Tips

match your selection with the meal!
  • Don’t be intimidated by the sommelier - it is their job to help you find a wine that you enjoy. A pretentious sommelier is doing their job wrong.

  • Ordering a half or full bottle is almost always more reasonable than by the glass | especially if you’ll be having a couple of glasses anyway.

  • What do you do when the sommelier hands you a cork? The idea here is to check for counterfeits on more expensive wines. All you need to do is ensure the maker’s mark on the cork matches that on the bottle.

  • Whether you’re ordering a glass or a bottle | always insist on tasting beforehand. There is no need to gargle | swirl | or slurp just take a sip. If the taste is pleasing | great! If not | do let your sommelier know so they can find something else for you.

  • It may take some time and a couple of probing questions | but when an excellent food and wine match is created it takes the experience of both the dish and wine to a whole new level. Wines are crafted to be enjoyed with food | and we at Taylors adopt this approach when crafting our wines. Our philosophy of delicacy and balance in flavours means that our wines are never overbearing | but rather full of flavour whilst maintaining balance so as to complement your meal.