How to Create the Ultimate Grazing Board

Styling Tips:

The Spring and Summer season is all about instagrammable grazing boards | beautiful table settings and gorgeous picnic spreads. Curating your tablescape | decorations and menu can be a really fun part of planning any occasion.&nbsp

It’s important to first choose your theme and aesthetics from tableware | fabrics | greenery and flowers you have available. Your colour palette choice can be guided by the beautiful fresh food or botanicals in season.&nbspPick 2 or 3 colours to inspire your decorating style and then mix and match a variety of serveware | crockery and linens or napery for a personal touch. Finally | adjust the lighting and select the perfect playlist to set the mood.&nbsp

Assemble your grazing board with an abundance of colours | textures and layer your items artfully at different heights to create interest. Start by slicing and arranging your cheese first and then fill the spaces around them. You can fold charcuterie meats in creative ways to add texture and use pistachios and other nuts to fill the gaps. Creating a focal point will also add to the aesthetic | like a baked brie wheel oozing in honeycomb.&nbsp

Lawn games are also a great way to keep the group entertained while enjoying a weekend afternoon grazing in the sun.


Cheese: Sharp Cheddar | Asiago | Parmigiano-Reggiano
Biscuit: Crispbread
Cured Meat: Chorizo

Estate Label Sparkling

Sparkling is always a crowd pleaser and the perfect wine to kick off a tasting. The Estate Sparkling presents a perfect balance of citrus zest | creamy softness and bubbles to enrich many soft cheeses. Soft creamy white and blue cheese or even triple cream cheese is a great pair as the bubbles cut through the rich buttery texture. Place this type of cheese on a fig &amppecan speciality cracker joined by a slice of salami.

Build your Grazing Board with:&nbsp

Cheese: Feta | Mozzarella | Burrata | Baby Swiss
Biscuit: Thinly sliced baguette&nbsp
Cured Meat: Prosciutto

Jaraman Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon offers a generously bold and hearty structure so when looking to pair with cheese | choose full flavoured cheeses. As a cabernet sauvignon is well balanced | complex and fulfilling | a hard | intense cheese with complex flavours will ensure they compliment each other and not overpower one another. To maintain the balance eat this type of cheese with plain | sea salt or grain crackers topped with salami.

Build your Grazing Board with:
Estate Label Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a mouth-filling | enjoyable wine bursting with fresh flavours of fruit | creamy and underlying toastiness. Serve this chardonnay with buttery | rich cheeses as its character can withstand the fudgy texture and intense flavours. The rich cheese will go well on a plain water cracker and prosciutto.

Build your Grazing Board with:&nbsp

Cheese: Cammerbet | Brie | Havarti and Young Cheddar
Biscuit: Pita Chips
Cured Meat: Ham or Prosciutto