Taylor Made For Gifting: A Taylor-ed Approach to Wrapping Your Wine Gifts

Take your gift-giving experience to the next level with our Taylor Made Wraps - a stylish, sustainable solution for presenting that perfect bottle of wine. Simply follow our step-by-step guide and enhance your gifting all year round!

Picture this - you’re on your way to a friend’s birthday party or Mother’s Day brunch and you pop into a bottle shop to select a beautiful bottle of wine to share as a gift. You roam the aisles, deciphering which bottle that special someone will love the most. You find the perfect drop and make your way to the counter, only to realise your gift wrapping options on offer are a simple paper bag or worse, a paper bag covered in multi-colour balloons.

It’s an all too common scenario whether it be a last minute gift or a well planned present. There just isn’t much thought put into the wrapping and presentation of a wine gift, considering how much care and detail is spent into selecting that special bottle.

Speaking sustainably, most paper wrapping and gift bags are often thrown away immediately after opening. Although some of the flashier bags are given a second lease of life and tucked away in the wrapping paper draw to regift- they usually still end up in landfill eventually as coated paper materials can’t be easily recycled.

It’s time we start thinking outside of the bottle when it comes to presenting a wine gift to that special someone. We’ve come up with a Taylor Made option for gifting all year round. Enhance that gorgeous wine gift with a stylish, wearable scarf that doubles as an equally beautiful bottle wrap. 

Here's our step-by-step guide for wrapping the most eye-catching wine gift:

STEP 1: Place the scarf down on a flat surface with the beautiful print facing down.

STEP 2: Place the bottle in the centre of the scarf.


STEP 3: Take two diagonally opposing corners from the scarf and tie them together at the top of the bottle.


STEP 4: Take the two remaining corners and wrap them around the back of the bottle, criss-crossing each over the other.


STEP 5: Then tie these corners together on the other side of the bottle in either a double knot or a bow.


STEP 6: Voila, a beautifully wrapped gift that is both drinkable and wearable.


To make your wine gifts extra special this year, we’ve created a limited edition Taylor Made wearable poly-silk scarf with two unique and colourful designs. These are available for a limited time from our Taylors Wines online Cellar Door.

Happy gifting!