Our Top Ten Tips To Elevate Your Hosting This Galentine's Day

Held on the 13th of February, Galentine's Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate your girlfriends. This year, why not take your hosting skills to the next level with the ultimate get-together filled with pink cocktails, heart-shaped pizzas, DIY keepsakes and friendship? We’ve rounded up our top ten tips to make this Galentine's Day a truly special occasion for you and your closest friends!

1. Floral Decorations: Blooms That Bloom Together

Set the tone for your Galentine's Day celebration by incorporating fresh flowers or floral arrangements. From delicate bouquets in the centre of the table to buds with contrasting vase shapes and sizes to scattered petals along the serving area. This attention to detail will not only enhance your space but also infuse a beautiful scent.

For those aiming to take their hosting experience to the next level, consider incorporating sustainability into your decor. Upcycling a used wine bottle to use as a vase introduces a stylish and unique touch to your table setting whilst also promoting eco-friendly practices. This simple yet creative gesture not only reduces waste but also adds a personal and thoughtful element to your decor. Consider placing these upcycled vases sporadically along the table, interspersed with fresh blooms, to create a visually appealing and environmentally conscious centrepiece.

2. Tablescape Magic: Dine in Style

Elevate your tablescape by paying attention to the details. Opt for a cohesive colour scheme that complements the theme, such as shades of blush, deep reds, and gold accents. Consider adding personalised place cards or small, thoughtful party favours for each guest to add a special touch. Keep the atmosphere lively with soft candlelight or fairy lights to create a warm and inviting ambience.

3. Set Up a Dress Code: A Splash of Pink Glam

Encourage your friends to embrace their unique styles and dress in their chicest attire to match the theme. Whether it's a rosy dress, a pop of pink accessories, or even a stylish pink blazer, a coordinated dress code adds some glamour to the occasion.

4. Serve Signature Pink Cocktails: Stirring Up Love Potions

Shake up the celebrations with signature pink cocktails that not only taste delightful but also look Instagram-worthy. To enhance the aesthetic appeal, garnish each drink with visually striking elements such as edible flowers, fruit slices, or even coloured sugar rims.

Additionally, consider serving the cocktails in stylish glassware – whether it's vintage coupes, trendy stemless tumblers, or chic highball glasses. The right glass not only enhances the visual appeal of your signature cocktails but also elevates the overall drinking experience.

Don't forget the personal touch – create quirky names for each cocktail that is on theme or relates to a shared memory. This not only adds a fun element but also makes the cocktails uniquely yours.

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our love potion recipes here.

5. Homemade Heart-Shaped Pizzas: Love in Every Bite

Instead of ordering takeout, make your Galentine's Day menu extra special with heart-shaped homemade pizzas. Gather your friends in the kitchen for a fun and interactive pizza-making session. Personalise each pizza with your favourite toppings for a creative twist, making your celebration even more memorable with every delicious bite.

6. Self-Serve Wine Bar: Sip and Savour

Create an elevated and memorable experience by setting up a stylish self-serve wine station. Arrange a selection of wines, featuring your favourite blush-hued varietals, ranging from crisp rosés to bold reds and let the good times flow. To add a playful touch, include handwritten tasting notes for each bottle, serving as a helpful guide for your guests in selecting their preferred pour. Pair the wines with a variety of accompanying snacks like artisanal cheeses, chocolates, and fruits.

Our top wine recommendations include:

We also recommend offering an assortment of glassware, from elegant stemmed wine glasses to stemless options, each with wine charms or tags to help guests keep track of their glasses.

7. Polaroid Photoshoot: Capturing Cherished Moments

Why not capture the love and laughter with a Polaroid photoshoot? Set up a designated area, encouraging your friends to strike their best poses. Provide props like heart-shaped glasses, flower crowns, and love-themed signs to add a playful touch. Your friends will love taking home instant snapshots of the day.

8. Paint Wine Bottles: A Keepsake to Treasure

Turn your empty wine bottles into beautiful keepsakes by hosting a paint-and-decorate session. Choose a colour scheme that complements your party decor or reflects the individual personalities of your gal pals. Provide paints, brushes, and embellishments and consider adding heartfelt messages, or even custom names for an extra special touch.

These hand-painted wine bottles not only serve as unique table centrepieces but also double as memorable gifts for your friends to take home.

9. Write Love Letters - Things You Love About Each Of Your Friends

Galentine's Day is all about celebrating the amazing women in your life, and what better way to express your appreciation than through heartfelt friendship love letters? Take a stroll down memory lane on shared experiences, inside jokes, and the unique qualities that make your friendship special. Share what you love most about each person, and create a lovely exchange of sentiments. Consider adding personal touches like small mementos or photos to make the letters even more memorable. Not only will your friends be touched by the effort you put into these letters, but they'll also have cherished keepsakes to remind them of the bond you share.

10. Classic Chick Flick Marathon: Nostalgic Nod to Sisterhood

Wrap up the evening by watching a classic chick flick that everyone loves. Pile on the plush blankets and fluffy pillows and create a cozy movie-watching nook. Compile a curated list of your favourite chick flicks or opt for the romantic comedies. Whether it's reliving the classics or catching up on the latest releases, this cozy activity will create a perfect ending to your Galentine's Day celebration.

Bonus Tip: Include Something Sweet 

No celebration is complete without something sweet! Elevate your dessert game with chocolate-covered strawberries, using various chocolate coatings and arrange them on a platter for a beautiful delicious treat.


With these top ten tips, your Galentine's Day celebration is sure to be a success. So, gather your favourite gals, follow these tips, and create an occasion to remember!